Tibet Milin County: A touch of "Volunteer Red" is a civil event

Tibet Milin County: A touch of "Volunteer Red" is a civil event

Recently, the Township Tourism Team of Xuiba Village, Miyin County, Linzhi City, the village party branch jointly organized party volunteers to organize party volunteers, carrying out farmland water channel cleaning and maintenance theme party days, with sincerely delivering party grace. At the scene, a "volunteer red" became an exceptionally beautiful landscape. In the event, volunteers are in a clean volunteer vest, head wearing a volunteer hat, fully engaged, not afraid of suffering, not afraid, not afraid of being spiritual, and one is energetic.

Everyone divided into operation, all the division, dried the heat of the world.

Some seriously carefully pick up the ground, the plastic bags, cigarettes, and fruit cores and other garbage, some will clean the stone in the canal, and some will be cleaned up, and some will transport garbage to the garbage transfer station. After all of the joint efforts, the surrounding environment is new.

Subsequent, volunteers began to repair the canal. Due to the long history, after the wind and rain, plus the flushing of the water flow, leading to the collapse of the water channel.

During the period, everyone divided into cooperation, some with iron shovel in sacks, some carry sacks, some of the collapsed positions piled up the sack, and some excavated the slits between the mason.

Everyone has worked together, and successfully completed the maintenance of more than 1,000 ms, solved more than 600 acres of farmland irrigation issues, ensuring that agricultural irrigation water was not affected. The water channel cleaning and maintenance work, effectively improved the environment, safeguarding food security, promoting social stability; further enhancing the relationship between the village team, party members and the masses, played the party members, and established a good job of party members The image, enhances the cohesiveness, combat power and appeal of the party organization. (Linzhi City Milin County Civilization Office) (Editor: Hao Jie, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.