The income rate is low without supplying temperature, the refund is refunded … These questions are professionals to answer your questions.

The income rate is low without supplying temperature, the refund is refunded … These questions are professionals to answer your questions.

  Heating fee and property fee bundling is not legal before the beginning of Xi’an City, "Telewell Hotline" receives more than half of the complaint with the complaints of heating and other cost bundles.

For example, Ms. Li reflects that there is a problem with the property charges of Feng Shuo Jiayuan Community. If the business is not heating, the property is reflected in the Rongde Palm Sunshine Community Property bundled charge, the property requires the owner to pay the fourth quarter after the property fee will only heal Wait. For the reader’s reflection of the recovery of heating and other cost bundles, Xi’an City Management Bureau Gas Heating Service Center, Sun Jiaqing, is said that this practice of property companies is not legal. Bundle charges typically occur in a community that is warmed up by the generation of heat, and the community of the enthusiasm of the enthusiasm is not involved. The reporter learned that the projects charged with the heating fees were mostly the property fee. The purpose of property bundling charges is to avoid owners arrears in property fees, or the property fees arrears before the owner.

  Article 16 of the Implementation Rule of Xi’an Central Heating Regulations stipulates: For old residential communities, centralized heating companies must not be heated with low occupancy, and they must not provide heat transfer matters and property services. Other matters such as water, electricity, parking, property fees, etc. are bundled.

Community property service companies should not be bundled with other matters such as water, electricity, parking, and property fees. In addition, in Article 63 of the Property Management Regulations of Xi’an, it is clear that property service companies shall not arrearize the property service fees in some owners, not cooperating with management, etc. Pavilion, heating, etc. limit or change to phase limit professional services.

  Conversely, for the owners of intentional arrears, Article 66, Article 66 of the Property Management Regulations of Xi’an: The owner shall pay the property service fee according to the appointment of the property service contract.

The owner did not pay the property service, the owner of the property, and the owner committee can supervise their deadlines in the form of the property management area, and the property service enterprises can apply for arbitration or mentioning the property service enterprises within the time than that. litigation. If the arbitral ruling or the decision is confirmed, it is still not performed, and the personal credit file is entered according to the relevant provisions of personal credit information management.

  If the application is warmed, it is not legally based on "warm". It will cause a vicious circle to affect the heating effect. The newspaper has reported that Ms. Xi’an City, Ms. Xi’an has shared a house in Taibi Community. Two friends often Traveling, I only sleep in the room at night. To this end, we would like to apply for a basic heat fee, but the idea was rejected by the property. The reason for the rejection of the property is that this behavior has a suspicion of "warm", which will affect the overall heating effect of the community. Other owners have a big opinion, so the house applied for a warmer must break the water.

  Sun Jiaqing said that "Xi’an City Centralized Heating Regulations" did not "apply for a warmer and disapproading power". Article 45 of the Regulations stipulate that users stop using heat or recovery, and shall apply to the heating enterprises before the 15th of the year of the year, and the heating enterprises shall apply to the application. I have a reply within 5 working days from the date. Users to stop using hot users should pay the basic heat fees to the heating enterprises.

The "Regulations" implementation is also clear:

  About "Basic Hot Feicles", Xi’an Municipal Price Bureau, Xi’an Municipal Public Authority Notice on Further Confiring the Relevant Issues Concerning the Centralized Heating Price of Urban Centralization: Residents users do not need to heat, should be in the heating period Before starting, the application is filed by the use of the heating person. After the heating unit takes partition processing, the basic heat fee can be charged according to the total price of 30%. About the "热" issues mentioned by the property and the owner, the thermal company said that after the application is warmed, it is difficult to define if this behavior is "热". However, it can be determined that "heat" behavior will affect the overall heating effect. In addition, "热" may form a vicious circle, if the hot house is to save cost application to stop warming, a non-heating effect on the overall heating effect is not large, but if other use of hot households Samples, more and more people who apply for a stop, the heat of the heat of the community will definitely get worse.

  The cell accommodation rate is low-income, and 60% of the total heat fee should be given to heating. The newspaper reported in October this year. Ms. Li, the owner of the second phase of Sandi Fengdan Community, Qujiang New District, reflected that early 2020 heating season, the owner of the community will apply to the property, and the property has also applied to the heat company, but the occupancy rate is too low. At that time Implement heating.

Near the warm season of this winter, the residential occupancy rate still does not reach 60%, and the owner is worried that this winter is not heated.

  The reporter found that Article 16 of the Implementation Rules of the Concentration Heating Regulations in Xi’an City clearly stipulates that for the old residential community, centralized heating enterprises shall not be heated, and it is not allowed to heat up. Bundle is bundled with other matters such as water, electricity, parking, property fees, etc.

The "Regulations" also mentioned that there is a new construction, reconsideration, expanded residential area with central heating conditions. The number of hot homes in the year will reach more than 60% of the total number of residents of the community, or the user pays the heat fee to be delivered. When more than 60% of the total heat fee, centralized heating enterprises should be heated. Sun Jiaqing said that from the policy, it can be seen that the "Centralized Heating Ordinance" in Xi’an is not "occupancy rate", but "the number of applications" and "user pay the heat fee".

In other words, regardless of whether the occupancy rate reaches 60%, only 60% of the total heat fee is completed, and the heat company will heating.

Xi’an has had a precedent, and the occupancy rate is less than 60%, but the heat fee of the owner is much more than 60% of the total heat fee. The developer will make insufficient hot fees, and the community is normally heating. Therefore, the low occupancy rate, the owner, and the property can negotiate the heat problem, but it will be clear that if the vacancy rate is too large, the heating effect will be very poor, it may cost the money and enjoy the heating of the standard. So this problem should be treated reason. Temperature does not meet the standard, who defines the refund requires that the three-party agreement of the temperature will be verified. Ms. Chen said that in 2020, when the heating of his own heating is not hot, she reflects the other party after the other party finds the temperature of the people. However, the temperature of the temperature is the best time at noon, and the temperature in the family must be much higher than the morning and evening. She believes that the temperature does not have reference. Sanqin Metropolis Daily has also reported that because of heating is not hot, Mr. Zhang, who lives in Weiman Museum, has repeatedly reflected this matter to the property, soon, in the absence of any notice, the heat company enables the temperature, at the time The air conditioner and electric heater were opened, and the room temperature was measured 18 ° C, Mr. Zhang said that this temperature measurement makes him unacceptable.

  In this regard, Zhang Jing, deputy director of the Production and Management Department of Xi’an, said that using hot households, such as the heating temperature in the family, can reflect the matter to the property or heat company, and the enthusiasm will get the door to the door. According to the relevant requirements, the temperature of the temperature should close the doors and windows half an hour, and determine the normal operation of the heating equipment in the home, by the professional temperature measurement instrument to measure the center position of the room, the temperature measurement process generally lasts 1 -2 minutes, the temperature test results are obtained after the temperature of the instrument is stabilized. For this result, you need to measure people, the property, and the three-party tripartite, and the thermal company will follow visit. If the heating temperature does not reach the standard, it will be considered in accordance with the number of days. Zhang Jing said that they usually choose a temperature measurement time in accordance with the owners’ wishes, that is, if you need to warm the temperature at night, you can explain to the property or heat company. If the temperature of the thermal company is not recognized, the temperature measurement request can be proposed to the Xi’an Urban Management Bureau Gas Heating Service Center. Article 35 of the Central Heating Ordinance in Xi’an Province stipulates that the temperature of the user’s bedroom and living room due to heating enterprises, heating enterprises should take measures to ensure that the room temperature reaches the standards, and according to heating After the number of non-standard days confirmed by the heat, after removing the basic hot fee, refund the heat fee to the user according to the following criteria: the heating temperature is higher or equal to 16 ° C, below 18 ° C, refunds 20% of the heat fee; heating temperature 5% higher than or equal to 14 ° C, below 16 ° C, 50% of the heat fees; the heating temperature is below 14 ° C, and the heat is fully refunded. The heating enterprise shall notify the user before June 30th to pay a refund from the end of the year to June 30th. edit:.