To promote the concept of open systems thinking Wanbei "four modernizations synchronization"

To promote the concept of open systems thinking Wanbei "four modernizations synchronization"

  According to the provincial unified deployment, November 13 to 14, Governor Wang Qingxian in the spirit of the city of Suzhou, Fuyang City, preaching the party’s ninth Sixth Plenary Session, research the "four modernizations sync" to promote the revitalization of northern Anhui.

He stressed the need to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the Ninth Plenum of the six parties, in accordance with the deployment of the Eleventh Party Congress, emancipate the mind, innovative style of play, the system forward Wanbei "four modernizations synchronization", and strive to study the effectiveness of the conversion to promote the revitalization of the tangible results of northern Anhui.

  Promoting the "four modernizations sync" is the starting point for new industrialization.

Xiaoxian in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Hefei, Fuyang modern industrial park, Wang Qingxian focused on understanding the park investment operation mechanism, required to follow the logic of the market, play the role of industrial import business, strive to foster the introduction of new special expertise enterprises, speed up the formation of industrial clusters has a comparative advantage . Information is the starting point to promote the advantage after Wanbei play a key move.

In the new format the new model fast rhinoceros (Suzhou) Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Dangshan County micro-Valley electricity supplier logistics business park, Yingzhou District, Fuyang City, the Three Pagodas town, Wang Qingxian to learn more about traditional clothing, food, farming and information technology combine to produce the , stressed the need to strengthen the information enabling, facilitating new type of traditional industries, promote the development of information technology in northern Anhui in the forefront of the province.

  Play to human resources, promote employment, entrepreneurship, should the industry unity is an important measure to promote the "four modernizations Perform". In examining Fuyang Technician College, Wang Qingxian stressed the need butt industry demand model innovation schools, train more high-quality skilled personnel, to speed up the human resource advantages into development advantages.

Wang Qingxian also visited the Museum of Suzhou city near the river, Dangshan County Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, Fuyang City Planning Exhibition Hall to learn more about urban development planning situation.

  Research, Wang Qingxian chaired a forum to listen to the relevant departments to promote the six cities in Northern Province and the "four modernizations sync" research reports on the situation, study and plan the next steps. He stressed that promoting Wanbei "four modernizations Sync" is an innovative work, to enhance thinking, transformation methods, the logic of the market forces, as the main line runs through the capital, make good use of market mechanisms to promote the "four modernizations" interactive, "four modernizations" interactive project to be embodied in the interaction, investment interaction.

Use open vision to see the northern Anhui, find their places in comparative advantage, play a greater value in the coordinates, dislocation development.

To establish market awareness, respect for market players, from a business perspective sake, create more high-quality business environment.

To adhere to the county interactive, local interaction, the interaction between the six cities, enhance collaboration awareness, break the geographical division, implementation of the "group" of "large formation" combat, to promote the "four modernizations sync" achieve more and greater achievements.

  Wang Qingxian also take "four noes two straight" approach, in-depth visit at Long Xiao County Fengshan Town Garden District with the case, on-site supervision of the central pieces of the handling of environmental inspectors letters, emphasized the "four modernizations sync" in the overall ecological and environmental protection and city Nakamura reform, improve people’s livelihood and promote better environmental quality improvement.