The first round of the 13th Hohhot Municipal Committee has been stationed

The first round of the 13th Hohhot Municipal Committee has been stationed

On November 25, the first round of tour of the 13th Municipal Committee completed the work.

According to the unified arrangement of the municipal party committee, this round of tourism will send 1 special patrol group to the city development and reform committee, the city grain oil storage Co., Ltd., and the five grassroots grain storage units and other party organizations have carried out special inspections and coordinates. Traveling to the 9 flag counties; 4 regular patrol groups are sent to the Municipal State Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, the Municipal Natural Resources Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, Municipal Ecological Environment Bureau, Municipal Agriculture, Municipal Agriculture, Municipal Science Technical Bureau, Municipal Rural Revitalization Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Municipal Industry and Information Technology, Municipal Data Bureau, Municipal Cultural Tourism and Television Bureau, Hohhot City Gas Heart Group Co., Ltd. 12 units of party organizations carry out routine patrols.

Each is organized by the Patrol Party to hold an inspection to mobilize the mobilization meeting.

Before the meeting, members of the municipal party committee patrolling work team participated in the communication meeting with the main person in charge of the patrol party, conveyed the speech of the Standing Committee of the Autonomous Region Party Committee, and the municipal party committee, the spirit of the speech at the city’s inspection work meeting, and the director of each patrol group Task. At the meeting, the members of the Municipal Party Committee’s inspection work team members have mobilized, and the team leader of each patrol group will carry out the requirements of the inspection work.

The main responsible comrades of the Tourist Party Organization is made by statement.

According to the work arrangement, the tourist examination time of the municipal party committee patrol group is 40 days. During the patrol period, specialized duty telephone, postal mailbox, email address, etc. The deadline for the acceptance of the patrol group was 18:00 on December 30, 2021. According to the inspection work regulations and related regulations, the special inspection group of the food market is mainly reflected in the field of food purchase and sales, the focus is the violation of the discipline of disciplinary disciplines in party members and cadres; the routine patrol group mainly accepts the leadership of routinely patrol units Its members, as well as the main person in charge of the next level, and the leading cadres of the leading cadres of important positions, focusing on violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, masses discipline, working discipline, living discipline, etc.

For the issue of petitions that are not within the scope of inspection, it will be handled in accordance with the provisions of the Tourism and relevant departments. Welcome the masses of cadres to reflect the situation to the patrol group by calling, letter, visiting, etc. The first round of the 13th Hohhot Municipal Committee will be stationed in the information form.