These maternal and child IQ tax do you bought?

These maternal and child IQ tax do you bought?

  Many young treasures without baby experience, it is easy to be pit when purchasing life appliances for the baby.

Experienced Bao Ma absolutely will not buy 5 IQ tax babies, but selling in major shopping malls, newbie moms are easily cheated. Which things make newcomers to make it easy? A burst of news has attracted a lot of attention. In the video, a baby wears a hipster trousers, sitting on a stroller, this is a product promoting home baby stroller and open trousers, but a lot of careful netizens discovered that the child is not red.

The official explanation is due to the difficulty of shooting children, the child does not listen, and the shooting time is too long.

Netizens took a shocking. It turned out that children were in the open trousers. After a long time, they stayed inside the baby truck. The legs will be worn by the legs. In life, these five maternal and child products will cause different levels of harm to their children, and the newbie moms don’t buy it anymore.

  5 kinds of baby items affecting the health of the baby is a baby utensil who is a newborn baby who is not a baby who is not going to walk.

Many treasure moms hope that when I take the baby, I don’t have to stare at the baby at any time, the baby stroller is in line with a lot of treasure moms.

Just put the baby in the baby stroller, the baby can play the toy on the stroller, will not bother to Bao Ma, the baby can safeguard the safety of the baby in the baby carriage.

This seemingly safe and secure approach is actually the most unsafe. In the baby stroller, once the scene is turned, the weight of the stroller is under the baby, and the baby can’t stand up.

Not only that, many strolles intentionally designed the weight of the stroller in order to facilitate infants. The baby is sitting on the baby carriage to the event, slightly, the stroller is easy to roll up. The baby who is a baby bus will not only learn to walk, but it is slow to learn.

Infant without a baby stroller, in order to get it, you will slowly learn and walk, there is a baby’s baby, there is a baby standing for a baby, then the baby is standing and walking slower.

  Many Bao Ma will replace the diaper for the convenience, so that the child is in the size of the child, just wear the children. But the child wears open trousers, the reproductive organs do not receive the protection and occlusion. If the child is inadvertently wrestling, it is very harmful to the child’s reproductive organ to the body. Not only that, but the baby is in the open trousers, the child’s reproductive organs are directly in contact with the rough fabrics of the baby stroller. With the infant action, the baby’s lower body is also worn back and wrap, and the child will appear in the middle of the legs.

  Many treasure moms will put the baby on the back of the back.

If the baby has long been with a strap, the baby’s leg will feel numb. Not only that, a lot of treasures have long been carrying children, the child’s action is limited, and the limbs cannot be flexible, and the body is not well developed. After a long time, the child’s limbs and heads were not good, and some instructions were issued in their brains, but the body could not keep in the head. There are a large number of children’s drinks on the market for sale, and these drinks often hit the name of the dairy products, selling the ingredients of the drink. Some treasure moms look at the baby’s appetite, I like to buy children’s drinks for the baby.

Take lactic acid bacteria milk as an example, the child drinks lactic acid bacteria milk for a long time, intake a large amount of sugar, the child’s body and metabolism, the body is likely to have problems, the mother’s metabolism has no adult, short time in a short time Enter a lot of sugar, not good for the child’s body. Some Bao Ma will use the baby’s pacifier for a long time in order to appease the baby. If you don’t use milk to your child when you drink milk, just to help your baby a baby’s emotions, often give your child a baby’s pacifier, which is likely to make your child’s weaning difficult.

The child is in a bad mood or the child wants to sleep, and it is used to there is a baby milk powder. It is difficult to wear.

  Five high-selling baby products in the market are not good for the growth of babies.

When Bao Ma is buying, stay away from these five products. How should Bao Ma choose baby supplies? How does a novice mother choose good baby supplies? Good baby supplies not only have a safe production indicator, and the baby’s long-term contact and use will not be harmful, but also safety, ensuring that the baby will not happen when it is used.

Good baby products should be helping newbie mothers to make their children, rather than let the newbie mother’s parenting looks convenient, in fact, it is not good for the child’s body.

  Novice mothers can bought with extensive experience, or do the knowledge of solving the breeding supplies. The novice mother should know which baby products are really suitable for babies. Which infant supplies are just selling the baby.

  Child products should be carefully selected. Some families, and multiple children’s products are one, but also choose good quality, durable, high-quality infant products.