World Smoke No Day @世界 世界 世界 Don’t let life be "smoke"

World Smoke No Day @世界 世界 世界 Don’t let life be "smoke"

  · Do you know how tobacco is endangering the environment we live in? Tobacco destroys forests, endangers soil, pollutes air, and consumes precious water resources. Since the 1970s, the world has lost 1.5 billion hectares of forests due to tobacco, causing the annual greenhouse gas emissions to increase an additional 20%more. Tobacco planting consumes soil fertilizer and leads to desertification. Tobacco cultivation uses a large amount of pesticides and fertilizers to endanger soil and water, affecting the health of people and wild animals. · Do you know why tobacco waste should be regarded as toxic garbage? Tobacco produces about 25 million tons of waste per year. About trillion cigarette butts are discarded in the environment every year. Cigarette filtration (cigarette butt) is the most important pollution and toxic substances in the water body.

It takes about 10 years to decompose a cigarette head, which is one of the sources of environmental micro -plastic pollution. Among them, nicotine and toxic chemicals have continuously penetrated into the surrounding ecosystems.

  Will electronic cigarettes also cause environmental harm? meeting. Most of the electronic cigarette parts are composed of non -biodegradable materials, such as metal coils, plastics, atomizers, batteries, and microcontroller chips. Improper disposal is extremely harmful to the environment.

Most plastic electronic cigarette bullets should not be reused nor recovered, and they are very common to be discarded. In addition, many electronic cigarette products are disposable, which can cause environmental pollution. What can we do in the face of the environmental harm brought by tobacco? Quit smoking. Quit smoking not only protects the health of yourself and others, but also saves 74 liters of water per day to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Support to increase tobacco taxes. Let the tobacco industry pay for the carbon emissions, air pollution and other environmental costs, and pay the bill.

Promote 100%smoke -free environment.

Ensure that the public (including children and adolescents) is not harmed by second -hand cigarettes and three -handed cigarettes, including electronic cigarettes.