"Come and taste the native products of my hometown"

"Come and taste the native products of my hometown"

"Come and taste the native products of my hometown, these are all hidden from the people from the mountains, are pure natural, green healthy foods." At the 17th China International SME Expo, from China’s cold Song Minying, the head of Songhe City Erd Trading Co., Ltd., Song Minying, sidedly, sideways, and peeling a Song Tower introduced to the reporter: "This pinema can be processed into pinens, nutritional value is very high.

I also brought blueberry drones, wild pine, wild mushrooms, velvet servants, these are our local specialties.

"Interlanguage, Song Minying’s booth, the front land, continued to be full of exhibitors and the exhibition masses who came to the tasting.

Mr. Wang from Wuhan, one side, sidedly, praise the blueberry fruit cake: "This is really delicious, sweet and sweet! Give me this.

"Ms. Li from Guangxi is attracted by the cheese. After she tried, she bought 2 bags like all the dairy products placed on the booth. In less than a day, Song Minying brought all the goods brought by the hometown. One empty, only the exhibition goods placed on the counter. She is awarded the masses of the taste, and taking the mobile phone with the potential customer, telling them to order the mobile phone. Come to participate, Song Minying did not think of themselves The native product is so popular, this exhibition has given her a lot of confidence: "Today, the harvest is full, just signed a big single tens of thousands of yuan, and just Wal-Mart has also established contact with me, intended One step in depth cooperation.

If my brand can settle in Wal-Mart, it is better! "Song Minying said, the feelings of the joy were overflow.

For the first time, I participated in such a large-scale fair, Song Minying was very excited.

She said: "I am honored to spread out the high-quality native products of my hometown through such a platform.

This time I also brought my daughter. She is now a graduate student of Forestry Professional in Inner Mongolia, let her participate in this fair, and I want to open my eyes. I think this is also helpful to develop their own family. .

"Until the interview, Song Minying mother and daughter have been busy before the booth, Song Minying took out the mobile phone to sweep QR code over again, busy too … (Reporter Connaught) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Share let more people see the recommended reading.