The United States frequently play the "Taiwan card" package to hide the disaster to hurt the two sides of the strait

The United States frequently play the "Taiwan card" package to hide the disaster to hurt the two sides of the strait

Recently, the United States has frequently played the "Taiwan card", including the United States’ to Taiwan’s military sales, and the US President Biden’s "Asia Bank" has repeatedly mentioned the Taiwan issue, which has aroused great attention from both sides of the Taiwan Strait.

On May 30, Democvas, the Federal Democratic Senator of the Illinois State Democratic Party, visited Taiwan.A series of "Tingtai" in the United States has continued, and Taiwan and the United States have continued, bringing serious threats to peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.On the surface, the United States is supporting Taiwan. What is the impact of cross -strait relations? It is quite worthy of attention and thinking.

The United States has frequently moved on the Taiwan issue in a short period of time. It is wanting to manipulate and stir up a Chinese political red line on the high degree of sensitive issues in Taiwan, which has attracted great attention from all walks of life. The United States has changed the "Taiwan card". Although it is fancy, its political intention is obvious, that is, "Taiwan -based China" has never changed.

The first is that Taiwan has always been a "pawn" to curb China’s development.

Whether it is in the United States for many years, it has continued to sell weapons to Taiwan for many years, or sells "Lai pigs" to Taiwan economically, and even relevant US research institutions published articles to advocate the so -called "destruction theory". At any time, to ensure its own strategic interests at the cost of sacrificing Taiwan.

In the background of the long -term "Taiwan" in the United States, it is difficult for Taiwan to change the fate of the US strategic "chess pieces" and "abandoned". Second, the United States "Taiwan", which is essentially a double suppression of Taiwan and the mainland. Whether it is the US military sales against Taiwan, collecting huge "protection fees" to Taiwan, or using Taiwan as a chess piece, provoking cross -strait opposition and confrontation, preventing China’s development with Taiwan issues, and blocking the footsteps of the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation. Its political purpose is to squeeze Taiwan while squeezing Taiwan , Taking the mainland while curbing the mainland. The United States’ "Taiwan card" is a common suppression of Chinese people on both sides of the strait. The so -called "commitment" and "protection" of the United States on Taiwan is not sincere in order to safeguard Taiwan’s interests. On the contrary, it is said that it is a set to consume Taiwan and contain the mainland.

In the end, the United States achieved the purpose of one arrow and double sculpture and the advantage of receiving fishermen.

Third, in order to seek political interests, the Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party authorities require the United States to cheer up for the United States in order to refuse to "independence" and achieve long -term governance in Taiwan. Take what you need. For the United States, it is currently strengthening the US -Taiwan relations in the way of so -called civil exchanges, and seduce and even force the DPP authorities to continue to be a chess piece of "Taiwan -China", thereby achieving the political purpose of curbing mainland China. This is the United States in Politics that will be adopted in the current and future periods. The Democratic Progressive Party will continue to hug the American thighs to "conspire" platforms, support, and cheer up. Fourth, the United States has frequently played the "Taiwan card", in an attempt to weaken a China principle until hollowed out, thereby suppressing China’s development.

Although the official voice of the United States expressed adherence to a Chinese principle, officials continued to send officials to Taiwan in their actions, continuously strengthening US -Taiwan relations in the way of civil exchanges, and causing the international appearance and atmosphere internationally internationally. The political image and influence on the top will weaken the principles of one center step by step, and its sinister politics is clearly exposed. The gradually weakened and hollowed out in the way of cutting sausages in the United States will inevitably affect the development of Sino -US relations and cross -strait relations, and it will also have an obstacle to the footsteps of the Chinese nation’s rejuvenation.

Fifth, American politicians are constantly visiting Taiwan. On the surface, it is good for Taiwan. In fact, it brings greater damage to Taiwan. From the perspective of the Darkworth’s visit to Taiwan, the "American Association in Taiwan (AIT)" said that she would discuss issues such as US -Taiwan relations, regional security, trade investment, and global supply chain with relevant people in Taiwan.

According to Taiwan’s foreign affairs departments, Dacobos will talk to the island’s economic and trade officials and Taiwanese businessmen to "expand the business and export market in Illinois."

On the surface, the United States has strengthened its economic and trade relations with Taiwan. It seems to think for the interests of Taiwan, but in essence, these American members are considering their own economic benefits. For the political interests of the US midterm elections in the United States. In essence, American politicians do not think about the interests of Taiwan. In the long run, American politicians and the DPP "Taiwan independence" elements will continue to provoke cross -strait relations and Sino -US relations. And unstable, it will also cause greater harm to Taiwan. Regarding the visiting Taiwan’s visit to Taiwan, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 31st that Taiwan is a province in China. Relevant members of the US Congress visited Taiwan and seriously violated the three joint communiqués of China and China and the United States. , Resolutely oppose, have already raised solemnly to the United States.

Zhu Fenglian, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, also pointed out that we resolutely oppose any form of official exchanges between the United States and Taiwan in Taiwan.

Some members of the United States have repeatedly adopted the wrong behavior of serious violations of a China principle and the three joint communiqués of China and the United States on the issue of Taiwan. It is very dangerous to condonate the support of "Taiwan independence" division activities! The DPP authorities attempted to attract the "independence" provocation of external anti -China forces, destined to fail.

There is only one China in the world. Adhering to the principle of China is recognized as the recognized international relations and is a general consensus of the international community.

The international community widely understands and supports the Chinese people’s opposition to the "Taiwan independence" division activities and strives to complete the country’s unity. The Chinese people are determined by the Chinese. The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affairs, which is related to China’s core interests and feelings of the Chinese people. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "All Chinese children, including compatriots on both sides of the strait, must be reluctant with sincerity and unity, and resolutely shatter any" Taiwan independence "plot to create a better future for the national rejuvenation.

"Unification is the general trend of history, the right path.

Advise some American politicians and the "Taiwan independence" forces on the island should explicitly judge the situation, know what is advancing, and do not play fire on the issue of Taiwan. No one should underestimate the strong determination of the Chinese people to defend the national sovereignty and territorial integrity. , Powerful! The motherland must be unified and must be unified. This is a historical trend that no one can be blocked.

Editor in charge: Qiu Mengying.